Renewing Christian Disciples, Strengthening Local Churches

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Journey with Christ

The Gospel of Luke relates the story of two disciples of Jesus who were going along the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus.  As these two friends were walking together, they shared their hearts’ deepest concerns about the death of Jesus.  An unknown person joined them and explained the scriptures as they walked.  Toward the end of the day’s travel, they urged the stranger to eat with them.  As the stranger took bread, blessed, broke and shared it with them, their eyes were opened, and they recognized the risen Christ.  Then they rushed back to Jerusalem to share the good news with others.  (Luke 24: 13-35)

What is the ‘Walk to Emmaus’

The Walk to Emmaus is an experience of Christian spiritual renewal and formation that begins with a 3-day short course in Christianity.  This is a metaphorical walk not an actual one. It is an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ in a new way, as God’s grace and love is revealed to you through other believers.  The Walk to Emmaus experience begins with the prayerful discernment and invitation from a sponsor.  After one accepts this invitation, they complete an application.  The Emmaus leaders prayerfully consider each applicant and in God’s time, the person is invited to attend a 3-day experience of New Testament Christianity as a lifestyle.  Following the 3-day experience, participants are joined in small groups to support each other in their ongoing walk with Christ.  Through the formation process of accountable discipleship in small groups and participation in the Emmaus community, your gifts and servant-leadership skills are developed for use in the local church and its mission, and you are encouraged to find ways to live out your call to discipleship in your home, church, and community.  The objective of Emmaus is to inspire, challenge, and equip the local church members for Christian action in their homes, churches, and places of work.  Emmaus lifts up a way for our grace-filled lives to be lived and shared with others.

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Who should go on the walk?

Emmaus is open to members of any Christian denomination.  Emmaus is for the development of Christian leaders who:

  • Are members of a local church
  • Have a desire to strengthen their spiritual lives
  • May have unanswered questions about their faith
  • Understand that being a Christian involves responsibility
  • Are willing to dedicate their everyday lives to God in an ongoing manner

What Happens on the Emmaus Weekend?

You will enjoy 3 days singing, learning, laughing, worshipping, reflecting, praying and participating in small groups.  Discussions center around fifteen talks given by laity and clergy.  These talks present the theme of God’s grace, how the grace comes alive in the Christian community and how it expresses itself in the world.  You’ll also discover how grace is real in your life, how you live a life of grace and bring grace to others.  You will have the opportunity to participate in the daily celebrations of Holy Communion and to understand more fully the body of Christ.  You will experience God’s grace through the prayers and acts of anonymous service offered by the Emmaus community.  You will leave with an experience of Christian love in action that will equip you for new levels of grace-filled service and leadership.

What Happens Afterward?

You are invited to have a closer walk with Christ for the rest of your life.  Those who attend a Walk to Emmaus are encouraged to:

  • Expand their own spiritual lives through worship, study and active participation in their local church
  • Become more active disciples of Christ in service to the world. 

To nurture this process of discipleship, the Emmaus movement offers specific opportunities.  First, groups of four to six people meet weekly to reflect on their spiritual journey and encourage one another in accountable discipleship.  Second, there are monthly community gatherings where Emmaus participants meet for fellowship, worship, and instruction.  Third, through a newsletter, members become aware of community happenings, support needs for upcoming Walks to Emmaus and other opportunities for servant leadership.

2024 Dates!

Walks 71 and 72 will take place at Camp Christian on September 5-8 (Women,), 2024 and September 26-29 (Men). Put it on your calendar!

TEAM TRAININGS are scheduled for March 2nd at Redlands UMC in Grand Junction; April 6th at Rifle Methodist Presbyterian and May 4th at Delta UMC in Delta. All training have a fellowship time at 8 am and begin at 8:30.

If you have already completed a walk and would like to join our team, please contact us!

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